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A students sits on the steps of Widener Library at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Sept. 21, 2009.

Universities scramble to help international students stay in US after new visa restrictions


Trump administration rules issued this week have left many international students with lingering questions about whether they would be able to complete their degrees or return to their lives in the US. Universities are scrambling to find ways to keep their students in the country.

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Colleges brace for steep drop in international enrollment this fall

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USC students work with refugees to engineer solutions for better camp life

Two students walk on a college campus

With all eyes on elite university admissions, community college stories go unheard

A woman looks to the side.

Caste discrimination exists on college campuses. Some schools are trying to change that.

Caste in America
Students walk in front of a tall brick building on a university campus

This economist says ‘degree inflation’ is hurting the American job market

Many college graduates struggle to find a job and why employers are increasingly requiring college degrees (or higher) from job applicants. One economist says cutting government funding for education could help fix the problem.

A young man sits at a table and talks with his mother.

Getting legal status opened the path to college for this Arizona immigrant family

It is not easy to get a college degree as a working, single mom – and it can be close to impossible if you are undocumented. One immigrant mom in Arizona was able to put her family on a path to college once they got legal status.

A young woman stands in front of a gray building.

Puerto Rico’s public university system is in disarray. But it’s not just because of Hurricane Maria.

When college students from Puerto Rico return to the island months after the disaster, they’ll face budget cutbacks and higher tuition.

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The children of H-1B visa holders are growing up — and still waiting for green cards


The Dattas came from India to teach American children in a Mississippi school. But because of their visas, they worry their own child won’t be able to study in the US.

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Fewer international students coming to US for grad school in science and engineering


In 2017, the US saw its first dip in international enrollment in science and engineering in years.