The view of where Abdul Ghazi’s house used to be, as seen from the roof of the school where he and his family fled to escape the flooding that struck Pakistan.

A Pakistani family sees firsthand the effects of climate change, as negotiators at COP27 battle over how to pay for them

Climate Change

A family in one of the hardest-hit regions of Pakistan’s Sindh province were forced to live on the roof of a school for two months while they waited for floodwaters that destroyed their home to recede. They are directly seeing the damaging climate change effects being discussed by world leaders at the COP27 summit.

Muddy water running through an informal settlement of huts

South African floods: Protecting people must include a focus on women and girls

Luzia Barbosa de Oliveira, not pictured, is transported on a boat to her home partially submerged by flood waters in Sambaituba, a rural area of Ilheus, Bahia state, Brazil.

‘It’s a gigantic tragedy’: Flooding in Brazil’s Bahia state displaces tens of thousands

Natural disasters
The double yellow center lines are shown through the middle of the photograph with a downed power lined stretches across the road blocking passage.

Laura blasts Gulf Coast with wind, rain and wall of seawater

Natural disasters
Growing high tides have turned this photo — taken from Pompano Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 — into a regular occurrence along the U.S. coastlines.

New report forecasts a troubling picture of rising tides, frequent flooding on coasts

Climate Change
A view shows the flooded banks of the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower.

Nearly 1,500 evacuated in Paris region as rising Seine poses flood risk


Nearly 1,500 people have been evacuated from homes in the Paris region, with authorities on alert for any major flood risk after the levels of the swollen River Seine rose further on Sunday.

Helicopter dropping water on wildfire

2017 was the costliest US natural disaster year on record


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that America suffered a record amount of damage in 2017 from natural disasters, with a tab of more than $306 billion.

Flor Bautista holds her daughter Camila in her arms, both looking directly at camera.

These children suffered for months after extreme weather wrecked their town in Peru


A cough that has lasted months, fevers and diarrhea that keeps coming back. Small children are still suffering months after extreme weather lead to flooding in a small Peruvian town. Is climate change to blame?

Houses in this Florida neighborhood are perched at the edge of a rapidly-eroding part of the town of Satellite Beach. The town is one of the few in the state that's investing in a major plan to shore itself up against the rising seas and stronger storms b

One small Florida city tries to adapt to climate change, mostly alone


In a state facing facing big challenges from climate change, but where few are facing up to the problem, the small city of Satellite Beach stands out for its aggressive moves to stay ahead of rising seas. But the efforts highlight the limits of what one town can do.

Global average CO2 concentrations rose at a record rate in 2016 to more than 403 parts per million up from 400.00 ppm in 2015, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Concentrations of CO2 are now nearly 50% higher than pre-industrial levels.

There’s more CO2 in the atmosphere now than any point in almost a million years


The World Meteorological Organization says atmospheric concentrations of CO2 surged to a new record level in 2016. That puts even greater pressure for countries to cut carbon pollution to avoid catastrophic climate change.