Electronic waste

a big pile of plastic garbage

America’s grungy ‘recycled’ plastic is creating wastelands in Asia

Pushing plastics

Plastic junk from the US is often sent to Southeast Asia, where illegal “recycling” centers are causing an environmental emergency with the fumes from burning trash. And many people believe that America, above all, has the power to make this stop.

Discarded electronic waste

The ‘right to repair’ movement wants you to be able to fix your own stuff

A pile of printer parts dusted with toners like carbon black, a probable carcinogen known to cause respiratory problems.

The US is still dumping some of its toxic e-waste overseas

Agbogbloshie, Ghana in 2012.

Here’s how to keep that old cell phone you’re about to toss from becoming toxic e-waste in a developing country


Sweden imports waste from European neighbors to fuel waste-to-energy program


Western e-waste dumped in Africa


Increasingly, used electronics are winding up in Africa, and Africans are paying a price – with their health.

The World

Getting the Mercury Out

Steve Inskeep of member station WBGO in Newark reports on efforts to get mercury out of the waste stream. Six states have moved to restrict the amount of mercury allowed in household batteries or separate batteries from other trash.

E-waste Youth Activist

Alex Lin is one of the latest winners of the Brower Youth Award for his work combatting electronic waste and promoting computer recycling programs around the world.