Election 2016

Five Things You Had to See Online This Week

Arts, Culture & Media

Emoticons find a whole new purpose, Deez Nuts runs for prez, a professor becomes Bowie, publishing houses outwit each other, and Eminem loves his mom’s spaghetti. 

Microphones remain at the ready as night falls on the entrance of the West Wing

Another explosive report says Trump asked Comey to drop inquiry into Flynn’s Russia ties

Global Politics
Marchers in DC

Young women made their voices heard at the Women’s March in Washington

Women and Allies protest Donald Trump

Across the US on Monday, women and allies gathered to protest Donald Trump

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

What’s the role of social media in the news media?

Frayed at the ends

This stress expert has some post-election advice: Believe that your political opponents can change

Election 2016

Otherwise, the “social mistrust” many of us are feeling can have dangerous consequences for our minds and bodies.


‘Sanctuary cities’ around the US promise to defy Trump’s threats


President-elect Donald Trump has said he wants to cut off federal funding for “sanctuary cities,” but a number of mayors are openly condemning that plan.


We want politicians to be consistent and ‘authentic’ but we, ourselves, ‘contain multitudes.’ Even our iPhones know that.


When her iPhone didn’t recognize her, she recognized something in herself and all of us. Tamar Charney writes.

Clinton speaking

The ambitious Clinton climate plan nobody is talking about


At least one of the US presidential candidates has a plan to address climate change and propose new industries to combat it. But can she get it done if she is elected?

A woman wades through flood water in New Orleans

Here’s why many young voters see climate change as THE issue in 2016

Election 2016

Lucía Oliva Hennelly is on the campaign trail this season, but not for a candidate. She wants people to vote for keeping Earth’s climate healthy.