Singer Gloria Estefan performs at the Statue of Liberty Museum opening celebration at Battery Park, in New York, May 15, 2019.

Gloria Estefan is set to be the first Hispanic woman to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame


She’s already won numerous awards and has been a pioneer of Latin music.


A Cuban filmmaker returns home to see his family during the island nation’s worst economic crisis in decades

man and woman by border

What’s behind the exodus of Cubans?

Namibia Flores was the only female boxer in Cuba for years. She has been training for almost two decades, with the dream of representing Cuba at the Olympics. 

Cuba to allow women boxers to compete after decades of restrictions

A mural with the words "Patria y Vida," or "Homeland and Life," a twist on the Cuban national motto, "Homeland or Death."

In Miami, Cuban American progressives promote civic engagement ahead of midterms

Otero Alcántara during his performance “La Bandera Es De Todos," a piece where he wore the Cuban flag for thirty days.

Cuban dissident artists behind hit protest song ‘Patria y Vida’ sentenced to prison

Rapper Maykel Castillo “El Osorbo” and visual artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara were sentenced to prison by a Cuban court last week for his involvement with an opposition movement on the island.

Boxers train at the Rafael Trejo boxing gym in Old Havana, Cuba

‘The best is yet to come’: Cuban boxers make a professional comeback after 60-year ban is lifted


The Cuban government recently lifted a decadesold ban on professional boxing imposed by then-President Fidel Castro in 1962. This year, the Cuban boxing team “Los Domadores” made a triumphant professional debut on May 20 in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Commuters drive amidst morning haze and toxic smog as schools and some coal-based power plants close down in New Delhi, India

Heavy smog shuts down schools in India’s capital

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Schools and colleges in India’s capital are shut down indefinitely due to heavy smog. Also, thousands of homes are evacuated after severe storms in western Canada. And, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visits Kenya for talks on regional issues.

Soldiers patrol along the Malecón seawall in Havana, Cuba

Cuban govt supporters resorted to tactics they haven’t used in decades to suppress political dissidents, professor says


Lillian Guerra, a professor of Cuban history and the director of the Cuba Program at the University of Florida, described the culture of repudiation in the country to The World’s host Marco Werman.

Anti-government protesters march in Havana, Cuba to protest against ongoing food shortages and high prices of foodstuffs

‘Obliged to exile’: Cuban activist Tania Bruguera on the plight of artist Hamlet Lavastida


After spending time in a maximum security prison in Havana, artist and activist Hamlet Lavastida has been exiled to Poland by Cuba’s government. Tania Bruguera, a senior lecturer in media and performance at Harvard University, joined The World’s host Marco Werman to discuss the plight of Cuban artists.