Khadija Mohamed al-Makhzoumi is Somalia's first environment and climate change minister.

Somalia’s first environment minister aims to alleviate suffering from climate disasters

Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change Minister Khadija Mohamed al-Makhzoumi says the world often associates Somalia with security issues. But the biggest problem facing Somalia now is climate change, she said.

Smoke billows from stacks against a setting sun.

The blame game in international politics: Part II

Critical State
Image of an illegally deforested area on Pirititi Indigenous lands.

The Amazon rainforest is likely adding to global warming, says a new study

Climate Change
Philippines residents use improvised devices to catch fish atop their house which is submerged by floods

In 2020, the courts will continue to be a player in climate change

A sun sets behind a cloud over a grey body of water

Arctic permafrost is starting to thaw. Here’s why we should all care.

The Big Melt
Mexico Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Michael

Even a slight increase in global warming could be catastrophic, experts warn

Climate Change

A new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report details dire climate damage could occur if global average surface temperatures rise to 2 degrees C from the 1.5 degrees C maximum set by the Paris Climate Agreement. Is it too late to clean up our human-made climate change mess?

Helicopter dropping water on wildfire

2017 was the costliest US natural disaster year on record


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that America suffered a record amount of damage in 2017 from natural disasters, with a tab of more than $306 billion.

Methane bubbles under ice

Melting polar ice poses a serious global risk


The fast retreat of glaciers and polar ice is sobering, if not terrifying, in what it implies for the future of life here on Earth.

Tropical forest Indonesia

Tropical forests are becoming net carbon producers, instead of carbon sinks


Tropical forests have historically absorbed excess carbon dioxide, but new research indicates that these areas have become a net source of CO2.

Smokestack and trees

As global carbon dioxide levels climb, plants are becoming better at photosynthesis


Plants are responding to rising levels of carbon dioxide by performing more photosynthesis and using water more efficiently.