Carbon finance

A Tesoro Corp. refinery, including a gas flare flame that is part of normal plant operations, in Anacortes, Washington.

Are carbon offsets really as effective as advocates claim?

Climate Change

More than 170 major companies have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050, with many counting on carbon offsets and carbon trading programs to help them reach that goal. But critics say offsets are not nearly enough to address the danger to the planet from continually rising greenhouse gas emissions.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on his "Build Back Better" agenda during a visit to the International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 324, Oct. 5, 2021, in Howell, Michigan.

US credibility on climate on the line in Washington

A smokestack burns in the distance of a rugged area with dried leaves and grass.

China launches world’s largest carbon market

The Big Fix
Forests cover about 80% of the Maritime Provinces of eastern Canada. Around half of that land is owned by smallholders.

Can carbon offsets preserve Canadian woodlands?

The Big Fix
AOC Green New Deal

The Green New Deal doesn’t include carbon pricing. Some say that’s a big mistake.

Climate Change
Under a new carbon offset program that is gaining popularity in Congress, oil and gas companies — and other manufacturers of products involving — fossil fuel would have to pay $40 for every ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

New carbon offset program may have the bipartisan support it needs on Capitol Hill


After years of having difficulty passing legislation relating to greenhouse gas emissions, a group consisting of both Democrats and Republicans believe they have a plan that can make their constituents happy.

People's Climate March in New York City

With climate marches across the globe, the US walks gingerly toward a climate summit in Paris


Congressional inaction and election-year politics are hampering US leadership in the fight against climate change. The Obama administration believes it has the authority to act on its own in global negotiations slated for next year in Paris. But that strategy, avoiding Congress, has its problems.

Highly touted REDD program still looking for footing in Indonesia, four years later


The REDD program, facilitated by the United Nations, seeks to preserve crucial forests using financial incentives and markets. But in four years since opening shop in Indonesia, the program has struggled to make a meaningful start.

Chinese finance official advocates for carbon tax


After passing the United States as the top carbon emitter, one researcher says China’s now making a commitment to reduce the country’s carbon output. But in order for China to reduce large amounts of CO2, they say, the U.S. will need to do more.

California implements cap and trade system to reduce carbon emissions


For companies doing business in California, a new environmental law is about to go into effect. It is expected to raise the cost of doing business for companies with carbon emissions.