British Columbia

A fire medic holds a box containing naloxone hydrochloride which is carried in all their department's emergency response vehicles, in Akron, Ohio

With rising overdoses, British Columbia expands experimental prescription initiative

Health & Medicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has reversed the progress made in parts of Canada to curb the number of deaths caused by drug overdoses.

a box of tissues and medical tray on a metal board

In Canada, some doctors are prescribing heroin to treat heroin addiction

Health & Medicine
Rick Desautel, flanked by his daughter and his wife, Linda (right), celebrates his acquittal of illegal hunting charges outside the provincial courthouse in Nelson, British Columbia, in March 2017.

Canada says the Sinixt tribe is extinct. The tribe’s American descendants disagree.

A shepherd dog tending a herd of sheep outside Tbilisi, Georgia.

Hero sheepdogs protect flock for 20 days in a Canadian wildfire

Bill Moore and Judith Fearing are members of Nelson Friends of Refugees. They've raised money and secured an apartment for a family of Syrian refugees. All they need now are the refugees. But they're still waiting.

Some Canadians really want to sponsor Syrian refugees. Turns out it’s harder than they thought.

Orphaned bear cubs Jordan and Athena at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association, Port Hardy, British Columbia.

He refused to kill these adorable bear cubs. Now his job is on the line.


He was ordered to euthanize them — instead he chose to save them. A Canadian conservation officer refused to kill two orphaned bear cubs. Now he’s suspended from his job.

Blue Moon Photos from Around the World

We did an Instagram dive for photos of last night’s moon and found shots from Spain, Australia, Indonesia, and Japan. Did you take a photo of the moon last night outside the US?

PuSh Performance Takes Audience Members on Sightseeing Tour Blindfolded

Arts, Culture & Media

For the Geo Quiz we’re looking for a Canadian city with a vibrant art scene. Right now the city hosting a performing arts festival. One of the performances there requires audience members to be blindfolded and led around the city by a volunteer guide.

Mountains in British Columbia


For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a mountain in British Columbia, Canada where there is plenty of snow for skiers this season unlike last year when snow had to be helicoptered for the Winter Olympics.

The World

Rebirth Of Marine Life In Western Canada

Arts, Culture & Media

The Geo Quiz takes us to a body of water in British Columbia where marine life is bouncing back after years of contamination.