A decorated street carpet known as an alfombra created for Holy Week in Antigua, Guatemala.

Guatemalans commemorate Holy Week with colorful street carpets

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During Holy Week in Guatemala, many people participate in the tradition of creating elaborate alfombra, or colorful flower carpets made out of sawdust on the streets for processions to pass over.

Father Damion, abbot at St. Joseph's Trappist Abbey, left, and Spencer Brewery director Father Isaac walk through their new, state-of-the-art facility.

Trappist monks keep beer tradition alive despite decline in interest for monastic life

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A woman poses for a photo surrounded by red Christmas ornaments in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photos: The world celebrates Christmas

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Why both ISIS and some US right-wingers are threatening to kill this American imam

Juan Carlos Villegas, from Bello, Colombia, came from a Catholic family. He started going to a Pentecostal church as a teenager, later he became a pastor, and ultimately he became an ordained rabbi and converted – along with hundreds of members of his chu

Members of a Colombian mega church who’ve converted to Orthodox Judaism are part of a trend

Leucippis, thought by many to be the father of atomist philosophy (Wikipedia Commons)

If the multiverse is real, what does that mean for modern-day religion?


These days, scientists are increasingly interested in thinking about multiple universes, but the idea of a multiverse is at least 2500 years old according to professor Mary-Jane Rubenstein and chair of religion at Wesleyan University.

Taio Kaneta with his signature "Cafe de Monk" truck that he uses for his pop-up cafes. As a Buddhist monk, Kaneta wanted to offer something special to those still reeling from the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

At Cafe de Monk, tsunami survivors can get coffee, cake and someone to listen to their woes


Nearly five years after the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan, thousands of people still haven’t been able to put their lives back together. So a Japanese Buddhist monk developed with a pop-up cafe to cater to their needs.

President Barack Obama and First lady Michelle Obama were there in person to welcome Pope Francis at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland for the pontiff's first visit to the United States on September 22, 2015.

Pope Francis wants the Vatican to serve the people


Pope Francis is trying to remake the Catholic Church by reforming the Vatican. He’s definitely got his work cut out for him.

A photo of Bangladeshi American blogger, Avijit Roy, last year holding a book on Rabindranath Tagore. Roy blogged about scientific thought and apathy towards religion, taboo subjects in his home country of Bangladesh.

An atheist blogger in Bangladesh is hacked to death by religious fanatics


Bengali American blogger Avijit Roy, an atheist, “carried a huge target on his back” in increasingly conservative Bangladesh for his writings. His death by machete on Thursday is just the latest sign that religious dissent is under threat in Roy’s native country.

Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed and Zahra Noorbakhsh are the women behind the new podcast: Good Muslim/Bad Muslim.

How to eat pork, drink booze and be a ‘good’ Muslim


What’s the difference between a “good” Muslim and a “bad” one? Two women and their podcast are on a mission to find out.