Burger King patrons in St. Louis were greeted by a somewhat confusing menu: A Whopper with no beef.

The meatless Whopper’s ‘Impossible’ goal: To save the planet


The Whopper is an icon of American culture. But the Whopper is getting a complete overhaul. And when we say complete, we literally mean complete.

Jay Z vs. Drake: The NBA Playoffs Fuel a Rap Beef

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Steaks cooking in a skillet.

Yes, steak is expensive. But its true cost is even higher than you may think


China’s big hog farms pose a big antibiotic resistance risk


Europeans dealing with dual horse meat scandals in food chain

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Alt-meat lunch: In the Netherlands, a lab for low-impact alternatives to livestock


Demand for animal protein is surging, and so are the environmental costs of producing it. So researchers in the Netherlands are exploring alternatives to livestock, from insects to faux cuts of beef to lab-grown meat.

South Africa Meat Snack Biltong Blatantly Mislabeled

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For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for the name of one of South Africa’s most popular snack foods – a variety of beef jerky.

Horse Meat in United Kingdom Causes Uproar

The French eat pigeons, and snails, and brains, and thymus glands, and calf pancreas, so why should anybody care if the French serve up horse meat and expect the world to take a big bite? But it’s a huge scandal in Europe and in the United Kingdom with charges that horse meat was sold as […]

Europeans Scramble to Rein in Horsemeat Scandal

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Europe’s horsemeat scandal grows by the day, with leaders there now calling for a second emergency food summit. Horsemeat has now been found in frozen lasagnas and other products supposedly containing beef in England, Ireland, France and Sweden.

Machine Tenderized Beef

To make tough cuts of beef more tender processors mechanically tenderize it with small needles or blades. And while it may improve the texture, mechanical tenderizing can create a hidden host for dangerous, life threatening pathogens.