Songhoy Blues

Mali’s Songhoy Blues are making music in exile


They left northern Mali because music was banned by Islamic extremists. Now Songhoy Blues is bringing their flavor of desert blues to the world.

A Musical Caravan for Peace Heralds a New Beginning for Mali

Global Politics

Mali’s last master calligrapher escapes violence in Timbuktu with ancient manuscripts in tow

New Mali prime minister played key role in 1997 NASA Mars exploration

Mutiny in Mali continues as Junta announces new constitution

Global Politics

Mali’s Last Master Calligrapher

Arts, Culture & Media

Boubacar Sadek is believed to be the last remaining master calligrapher in Mali. He fled Timbuktu with rare documents. He now makes a living in the capital Bamako. Laura Lynch reports for the CBC and The World.

Mali’s Conflict Takes Ominous Turn

Conflict & Justice

Turmoil continues to grip Mali, weeks after French forces liberated the north of the country from Islamist rebels. Friday, the first suicide bombing took place in Gao. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lydia Polgreen of The New York Times in Bamako.

French Troops Gird for More Battle in Northern Mali

Conflict & Justice

Fighting is flaring around the Mali city of Gao, despite reports that rebels had ceded the territory to incoming French troops. CBC reporter Laura Lynch just returned from Gao. She tells host Marco Werman that local residents want to French to stay put.

On the Road to Gao, Mali, Dangers Still Loom

Lifestyle & Belief

Correspondent Laura Lynch in Mali describes the time she’s just spent with a French army convoy on the road to Gao, Mali. Islamists extremists have been pushed out of Gao, but there are still dangers on the road.

Rights Group Claims French-Led Offensive in Mali has Caused Civilian Deaths and Ethnic Reprisals

Conflict & Justice

Human rights groups say what appears to be a successful campaign in northern Mali has come at great cost to the country. Laura Lynch reports from Bamako.