Aquatic ecology

Amid a multitude of trails with trees that reach dozens of feet overhead, conservationists with Casa del Agua lead tours and tell stories about the forests planted over three decades.

Conservationists focus on community reforestation efforts to save Mexico’s wetlands


Mexico’s Centla wetlands are part of an ecological reserve in the southeastern Tabasco state that has been impacted by deforestation, cattle grazing and man-made fires. In recent decades, conservationists with Casa del Agua have promoted reforestation and community education to save the wetlands.

Riparian forest in northern Mexico

This land and water preservationist is a ‘force of nature’ in northern Mexico


Saved by the Mangroves? A Philippine town dodges Haiyan’s storm surge


Great Lakes threatened by decreasing water levels


Scientist uncovers species of ocean plants that flee from predators


New research discovers high levels of caffeine in surprising areas of ocean, rivers


A group of scientists in the Pacific Northwest have been looking into where caffeine accumulates in our national water system. They found it not in areas of high population, but in areas with low population, where septic systems are the primary means of waste disposal.

As ocean gets more acidic, situation is exacerbated in Puget Sound


The carbon dioxide we release is absorbed by the Earth’s oceans. But it doesn’t just benignly vanish. It’s eventually released into the water, making the water more acidic. That’s feeding algae blooms and killing some animals. In the Puget Sound, the situation is even worse.

Experts tangle over whether fracking waste is making drinking water unsafe


In Pennsylvania, there are increasing concerns that the drinking water is no longer safe, after high levels of bromides have entered the water system. Many blame fracking waste for the increase, but there’s no definitive source yet.

European Union turning to science to help find, stop illegal fishing


A genetic study of fish and fishing in the European Union is aiming to help scientist determine whether fish were pulled from sustainable populations or areas that are under threat.

Millions sick due to lack of clean water in Pakistan

Health & Medicine

Pakistan’s limited water supply is making many millions sick from water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, hepatitis and typhoid.