Barnacle geese have developed new migration routes and breeding grounds amid warming global temperatures. 

Animal species are evolving to adjust to climate change, but scientists say time is running out

The Big Fix

Scientists have been studying changes in animal physiology and behavior, some of which they believe are linked to rising global temperatures. They say the adaptations are beneficial, but may have limitations in the long term.

Bullfighting is still legal in the Colombian city of Manizales, which holds a major festival on the first week of January.

Colombia’s plan to ban bullfighting sparks debate on tradition, animal rights

Antonio Lopez makes markings in the sand to show what sea turtle tracks look like.

From the desert to the sea, CRRIFS cares for and protects San Carlos wildlife

The walnut forests of southern Kyrgyzstan sprawl along the tops of steep hills. They are believed to be the largest natural walnut forest on earth.

Kyrgyzstan’s walnut forests dwindle with increased cattle farming, climate change

A Mexican gray wolf is seen in Eurkea, Montana, on May 20, 2019.

Where wolves: Part II

Critical State
Farmers in northeast Spain say the rabbits are wreaking havoc on crops like peaches, pistachios, olives and grapes.  

‘Either they die, or we do’: A rabbit plague threatens farmers’ livelihoods in northeast Spain

A plague of rabbits is rampaging through one of Europe’s most bountiful farming regions. Farmers in northeast Spain say that, without help, they’ll lose most of this year’s harvests.  

A visitor feeds straw to the zoo's four giraffes from outside their enclosure.

Ukraine’s zoos struggle to stay afloat during war, with traumatized animals and dwindling resources


Due to depleted money reserves and uncertainty on when Russia’s war in Ukraine may end, zoo staffers at Zoo XII Months say they’re in worse shape than ever before. The animals remain distressed and, with virtually no visitors, the privately owned zoo isn’t making money.

A sea turtle heads back to the ocean after the tortugueros have finished gathering data on it

Kino Bay’s Becerra family gave up traditional fishing to focus on saving sea turtles


Green sea turtles are an endangered species and among the largest of their kind in the world. They’re also the only herbivorous sea turtles. Now, some conservation groups are trying to protect them.

Forest firefighters work on a wildfire near the town of Jubrique, in Malaga province, Spain, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2021. 

‘Fire flocks’ of sheep and goats get deployed to help battle forest fires in Spain

Climate Change

Shepherds in Spain are now training to start “fire flocks” that graze at the edge of forests to prevent wildfires from spreading to populated areas.

Cows walk across charred areas of the Iberá wetlands devastated by fires in northern Argentina

Rebuilding efforts underway after devastating fires rage through Argentina’s northern wetlands


The ongoing drought in South America has led to wildfires in wetlands that are typically wet enough to avoid them. Firefighters now have them largely under control in northern Argentina, but with climate change, and the cattle industry, wildfires are increasingly expected to be a threat to nature and wildlife in the region.