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A year after Maria, Puerto Rican college students find home – on the island and off

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Rosamari Palerm transferred to a school in Miami last fall after her school shut down in the wake of Hurricane Maria. She’s returned home to San Juan, but some of her classmates have stayed, making new homes in Miami.

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Puerto Rico’s public university system is in disarray. But it’s not just because of Hurricane Maria.

Vieques: Art & Protest

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V.V. Brown’s Travelling Like the Light

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Four months of food aid in Puerto Rico brought too much salt and sugar, say some recipients

Marc Noisette of Westchester County, New York fixes the cables on an electric post opposite the Cathedral of San Juan in the historic quarter of Puerto Rico's capital.

In San Juan, they’re going street by street, house by house, turning the lights back on

More than 450 power line workers from the New York area are on the ground in Puerto Rico trying to impose some order on the island’s battered electric grid.

A family bathe and wash their car with mountain spring water after hurricane Maria hit the area in September, in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

In hurricane aftermath, Puerto Ricans get impatient with shortages

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Puerto Ricans’ tolerance for the post-hurricane lifestyle is running thin — and you can even see it in people’s driving habits.

Hospitals in the US mainland are facing shortages of IV fluids and medicine because of Hurricane Maria's damage to Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Then it caused a ripple effect in mainland hospitals.


There was already a problem with the supply of IV fluid bags at US hospitals. But the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico made it much worse.

Lin-Manuel Miranda in "Hamilton" on opening night on Broadway in New York, Aug. 6, 2015.

Lin-Manuel Miranda will bring ‘Hamilton’ to Puerto Rico


“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda announced Wednesday that he will bring the smash hit musical to Puerto Rico in 2019 as he rallies behind the hurricane-hit island’s reconstruction.

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Some Puerto Rican college students displaced by Hurricane Maria have already started classes again — in Florida


Estimates range from the hundreds of thousands to a million who will leave Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.