New England

An image from "Ducks," a graphic novel by Kate Beaton, depicting the "Highway of Death."

‘Wherever the work is, we’re all going’: Graphic novelist on working in Alberta’s tar sands


“Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands,” a graphic novel by Kate Beaton, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, tells the story of leaving home and joining thousands of others to work in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada. Beaton joined The World’s host Marco Werman to talk about her experience.

A female North Atlantic Right whale entangled in fishing gear

North Atlantic right whales are shrinking in size as they struggle to survive environmental havoc

A black-and-white section of a painting of a woman surrounded by men in Puritan garb.

Most witches are women, because witch hunts were all about persecuting the powerless

Women & Gender
Multiple white windmills dot the blue ocean.

America’s windiest spot looks to harness the ocean winds with some British help

Climate Change
natural gas flares in an oil field

Lawsuit accusing ExxonMobil of ignoring risks from climate change moves forward

Climate Change
the back of a woman's head as she rifles through some British souvenir knick knacks

How do you market the UK in a time of Brexit?

The World’s Marco Werman spoke with British Consul General Harriet Cross about how the UK is grappling with its image internationally as Brexit continues to slog along. 

A brick building with hand-painted sign: End Eminent Domain Abuse

If Trump wants a wall, eminent domain is the final frontier

Conflict & Justice

The government’s ability to exert eminent domain powers has literally paved the way for much of America’s fundamental infrastructure. Pipelines, highways, railroads, high-voltage transmission lines — all of these projects tend to require long paths across the landscape. Farms and even suburban neighborhoods can be caught in the middle.

Mercy Brown's grave

It’s not just witches. New England has a history with vampires, too.

Arts, Culture & Media

The Mercy Brown incident was the last known case of The New England Vampire panic. This particular brand of folklore was a variant on a practice born in places like Romania, Hungary and Germany.

Fall leaves cover a hill above a river.

‘Leaf peeping’ is huge in New England. Will climate change alter tourism?


Each fall, millions of tourists come to New England to see the changing leaves. It’s big business. But climate change is moving the calendar.

A woman stands next to rows of tidy plants on a rooftop farm

A Boston hospital promotes patient health with its own rooftop farm

Health & Medicine

Boston Medical Center, a major trauma center and teaching hospital, is reimagining what it means to care for patients with a new rooftop agriculture project.