Yusra, played by Rhianna Merralls, struggles to fall asleep in the play, "Wherever I Lay My Head," performed in London City Hall.

Chronic insomnia plagues young migrants long after they reach their destination

A recent performance of a play in London highlighted the struggles that young migrants face after they reach the UK. Many of them toss and turn, unable to sleep.

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Keep Calm and Cary Grant

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A rig (L) surrounds the top of one of the chimneys of Battersea Power Station as demolition work is carried out, in London, Oct. 2, 2014.

Why the UK has an easier time than the US divorcing from coal

Children’s doctor Katie Rogerson (left) and children’s physiotherapist Caroline Smith of the NHS choir with the Official Christmas No 1 award for charity single A Bridge Over You, beating  out Justin Bieber.

A British hospital choir beats out Justin Bieber for the top song on UK charts

The Fortingall Yew.

Britain’s oldest tree may be undergoing a sex change


The Fortingall Yew, the oldest tree in Britain, happens to be male. But it recently sprouted red berries, a sign that at least part of the tree has changed its sex.

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger carries a copy of the book Spy Catcher as he arrives at Parliament to face questions over his publication of intelligence files from Edward Snowden.

The British editor who published the Snowden files defends his newspaper before Parliament

Global Politics

A British parliamentary panel questioned Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the newspaper that first published many of the documents leaked by Edward Snowden. He was asked about his love of his country, and he defended his newspaper as acting to help the public understand what its government was doing.