In this undated photo, trumpet player Will Magid performs at the Showbox Sodo venue in Seattle, Washington.

‘Osmanity’: Ottoman Empire’s founder inspires a new album


Trumpet player and ethnomusicologist Will Magid is the creative force behind the musical project Balkan Bump. He has a new album out Oct. 23 called “Osmanity.”

Four men stand outside in a valley near a river bed

Small hydropower plants threaten Montenegro’s last free-flowing rivers in a bid for cleaner energy

Protesters carry a hand-painted sign.

Thousands in Serbia continue to march in nationwide, anti-government protests

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A Kosovo police officer crosses the bridge that connects north and south Mitrovica. The Ibar River serves as a natural divider in Mitrovica, where Serbs live on the northern side of the river and Albanians on the southern side.

There is one place where Serbs and Albanians coexist in Kosovo — in the country’s version of Costco

A woman writes in a book inside a traveling monument called 'Prijedor 92' outside the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal (ICTY

What does justice in the former Yugoslavia look like 25 years later?

Jetmir Gjini used to grow marijuana -- lots of it. Now he and his family are back to herding sheep.

In Europe’s former pot capital, now the only grass is for sheep


The village of Lazarat, Albania, used to be notorious for its lucrative, but illegal marijuana business. Now that the government has cracked down on it, villagers struggle to make a living.

DNA testing in The Hague

Cutting-edge DNA labs help identify people missing in conflicts and disasters


New technology, donated by the Dutch holding company Qiagen, enables scientists to better extract DNA from “even challenging bone samples. Ones that are decades old.”

The team behind "Kosovo if Trump Wins" (from left) Fitim Krasniqi, Argjend Haxhiu and Kushtrim Krasniqi. All three are devout Muslims. They are also pro-American like most people in Kosovo.

These Kosovo website creators treated Trump as a joke. Then he won.


The young Muslims behind the website “Kosovo if Trump Wins” hope a President Trump won’t weaken ties with their staunchly pro-American country, even if his campaign rhetoric suggests otherwise.

Refugees and migrants try to warm themselves as they take a break at a gas station before abandoning their trek to the Hungarian border, in the town of Indjija, Serbia on Oct. 5.

Refugees are still squeezing through Europe’s clamped borders


Despite reports of closed borders in Europe, some refugees are still managing to find their way in — at a cost.

Radovan Karadzic

20 years later, a genocide conviction for architect of the war in Bosnia


He was trained as a psychiatrist, fancied himself a poet and was known for his flamboyant head of hair. Today he was convicted of genocide and sentenced to 40 years in prison.