São Paulo

MC Fioti during the recording of the remix version of his 2017 hit "Bum Bum Tam Tam," which has become Brazil's COVID-19 vaccine anthem. 

This funk remix became Brazil’s COVID-19 vaccine anthem


Fioti’s revised version of “Bum Bum Tam Tam” keeps the original melody but the lyrics are not all about the booty. Instead, the remix champions COVID-19 vaccination and the Butantan Institute.

Amazonas Federal University's workers carry empty oxygen tanks at the Getulio Vargas Hospital amid the new coronavirus pandemic, Manaus, Brazil, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021. Scores of COVID-19 patients in the Amazon rainforest's biggest city will be transferr

Brazil weighs COVID-19 vaccines as its death toll climbs


Brazilian housing movements fight surging evictions amid coronavirus

Fernando Guedes, a mechanical technician, recently passed through the Val de Cans International Airport in northern Brazil. He's concerned about returning home to São Paulo, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus. 

Bolsonaro is still downplaying coronavirus. Many worry about the impact on the most vulnerable.

picture of four brown spiders on a white background.

Brazilian biologist discovers 4 new spider species and names them after heavy metal icons

Protesters march through São Paulo recently demanding equitable distribution of water throughout São Paulo state. Unofficial rationing has brought frequent water outages to neighborhoods throughout the Brazilian megalopolis of 20 million people.

São Paulo residents demand their city take a new attitude about water


The unprecedented water crisis in South America’s largest city is leading citizens to change everything, from how they use water to how they engage with politics. But while the government is taking action, residents say it’s not nearly enough.

Brazil trying to reinvigorate sugar ethanol for cars


Brazil has had a thriving ethanol industry because of a confluence of factors that made ethanol dramatically cheaper than gas. But that’s changed, which has pressured the ethanol industry and Brazil’s government to consider what to do next.