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French Political Cartoonist Tomi Ungerer’s First Retrospective in US

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The French cartoonist and illustrator has skewered the powerful for decades. The 83-year-old’s first U.S. museum retrospective opens in New York this week.

illustration from charlie hebdo

Three years after being attacked, Charlie Hebdo questions their survival

A stack of Charlie Hebdo cartoon collections in the publicity office of the satirical newspaper in in Paris.

Brace yourself America, Charlie Hebdo has arrived

The front page of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, entitled "C'est Reparti" ("Here we go again") is displayed at a kiosk in Nice on February 25, 2015.

‘Charlie Hebdo has always been an anti-racist magazine,’ its editor says

Nigeria, not quite as trendy.

Why no ‘Je suis Charlie’ moment for Boko Haram’s victims?

Adel Defilaux, a French-born Muslim, poses Wednesday outside his cafe in east London. Defilaux has received death threats for displaying the sign.

Where is Charlie? ‘Je suis Charlie’ is everywhere


The latest Charlie Hebdo magazine is selling out — and the “Je Suis Charlie” signs in support of it seem to be everywhere. Here are images around the world.

A French policeman stands in front of the entrance of Paris Mosque as French Muslims gather for Friday prayers in Paris January 9, 2015, following Wednesday's deadly attack at the Paris offices of weekly satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo by two masked gun

Why making French Muslims more French is such a challenge


France prides itself on its people placing country over religion. But it’s been a long struggle for Muslims and other minorities in France when it comes to integration.

A portion of "Solidarité," the New Yorker cover image by Ana Juan in tribute to the Charlie Hebdo victims.

The story behind the New Yorker’s bloody Charlie Hebdo cover


New Yorker art editor Francoise Mouly tells about the selection of the New Yorker cover after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, “Solidarité”

Armandine Marbach takes part in a demonstration on January 7, 2014, supporting the French publication Charlie Hebdo

We’re not all Charlie


Who says we are all Charlie? Not Sandip Roy. Or Jeffrey Goldberg. Or, um, the Financial Times.

In Brussels, a woman holds a copy of Charlie Hebdo to pay tribute to the victims of a shooting at the offices of the weekly satirical magazine in Paris on January 7, 2015.

France reels after the Charlie Hebdo attack kills 12


Neither the occurrence of a terrorist attack nor the deaths of people who were widely loved was easy for France to bear on Wednesday. But as people gather in French cities to mourn, there are hopes that the attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper will help spark a conversation about radicalism in France.