Mealworm dish in a Yunan Restaurant

A Dutch supermarket is bringing edible insects into the mainstream


Edible insects are celebrated for being environmentally friendly and also potentially quite tasty. And now they’re going mainstream, with the Dutch grocery store Jumbo getting ready to put them on the shelves.

MSG crystals

Science suggests MSG really isn’t bad for your health after all

Cardoon, also known as the artichoke thistle, is one of the plants Jennifer McLagan discusses in her new book Bitter: A Taste of the World's Most Dangerous Flavor

Don’t be afraid of that bitter taste in your mouth!

An employee at a Seattle co-op stocks produce near a sign supporting a 2013 ballot initiative in Washington state that would have required labeling of GMO foods. The initiative failed, with record amounts of money spent to defeat it.

GMO lobbying is a booming business as labeling laws increase