A local soda is making a comeback in Turkey


Gazoz is an old-school, hyper-local soda that’s been ubiquitous in Turkey since it was invented more than a century ago. Every town has a signature brand, often incorporating local flavors like pine, lavender, or sweet almond. The World’s Durrie Bouscaren reports from southern Turkey on why this beloved drink is having a moment.

Smoke in front of a man, with remnants of firecrackers on the ground

Why a medical interpreter was surprised to see Vietnamese immigrant patients at California hospitals around Lunar New Year

Idris Elba

Why Idris Elba is not ‘too street’ to be James Bond


LA’s master mariachi tailor says sewing started out like a game for him

Safi Haso, about 70 years old, from Girik village of Kobani. "We are probably the last generation that has tattoos," she says. "All Kurdish women had them." In addition to facial, hand and neck tattoos, Haso has tattooed her own breast with circles around

These Kurdish refugee women are proud owners of facial tattoos

A student of Khmer descent learns Kinh language (the official Vietnamese language) at the Lac Hoa Primary School in Soc Trang province.

The language apocalypse is coming, and many tongues are already all but dead


Humans speak 6,000 languages, but half of them will disappear within the next 50 years. Even today, some ancient tongues have only one remaining speaker. The new PBS film, “Language Matters,” looks at the languages that are struggling to survive.

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Veterans display their wars through ink and art


A tattoo often comes with a story. And with many American veterans unable or unwilling to tell their stories in words, a pair of veterans have started collecting the stories behind the tattoos to help people understand the wars they fought.

An Iranian couple rests in a park in central Tehran.

More young Iranian couples are living together before marriage


Many young Iranian couples are choosing to live together before marriage, and the rise in such “white marriages” has Iranian officials worried. But there are also some good reasons why young Iranians don’t want to tie the knot.

Fan death theories are so ubiquitous they've turned up as logos on t-shirts.

Why every Korean kid knows not to keep the fan on over night


There’s a superstition that Korean parents tell their kids: If you go to sleep with an electric fan running in your room, you might die.

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Sikh photographers go beyond beards and turbans with their portraits


The men in Naroop Singh Jhoot and Amit Amin’s photo series, “The Singh Project,” all have three things in common: turbans, beards and the middle name Singh. Yet as the photos show, their personalities — and looks — are extremely diverse.