The Red Dress night honored murdered and missing Indigenous women, and girls, Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ people in Canada and worldwide.

They call her a ‘Mountain Mover’ — Founder of Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week revolutionizes the runway


First Nations people are reclaiming their culture by showcasing their own designs during the Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week in Canada. The event was founded by Joleen Mitton, who has spent years bringing Native representation to the fashion industry.

A store displays packages of unwanted clothing for ready for selling, Iquique, Chile.

Fast fashion is causing an environmental disaster in Chile’s Atacama Desert

The all-female collective Imilla Skate in Bolivia

These Indigenous female skateboarders are breaking stereotypes in Bolivia

a tiara

New exhibit shows how Islamic art influenced French luxury jewelry maker Cartier

Over 30,000 people trade in used clothing at Kantamanto market, Accra, Ghana.

How the West’s obsession with fast fashion compounds an environmental nightmare in Ghana

fghan women and a girl shop for dresses at a local market in Kabul, Afghanistan, Friday, Sept. 10, 2021.

Afghan women to the Taliban: #DoNotTouchMyClothes


The Taliban has issued a decree calling for female university students to fully cover their bodies and most of their faces in a return to Afghan tradition. Historian Bahar Jalali fully disagrees. She started a now-viral campaign over the weekend to showcase the diversity of Afghan women’s traditional dress.

Ayşe Yıldırım started her modest fashion brand, Miss Ayşe, over a decade ago.

Turkey’s modest fashion market hits its stride


Turkey is quickly becoming a global center of modest fashion — a retail sector that caters to women in Muslim countries who often seek out clothing with more coverage than mainstream brands tend to offer.

White mask with wool straps and green rosettes, with the words Marie Bee Bloom in the top left corner

Graphic designer creates biodegradable masks that bloom flowers when buried


COVID-19 masks have been contributing to plastic pollution around the world. One graphic designer has created a biodegradable mask that blooms when buried in the soil.

Merkel stands at a podium flanked by two German flags.

Merkel reverses plan for strict Easter lockdown in Germany

Top of The World

In today’s Top of the World: Merkel reverses plan for strict Easter lockdown in Germany; China lashes out at major brands for speaking out against Uyghur human rights abuses; Vice President Kamala Harris tapped to tackle mass migration at the US-Mexico border.

A woman wears a plaid head wrap and dress and poses near a transistor radio

Iconic ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag gets refashioned as a meditation on migration


Photographer Obinna Obioma transforms the iconic “Ghana Must Go” bag into a powerful narrative about migration, nostalgia and longing for home.