There's a great deal of concern among civil society groups over how ethnic tensions may influence Sierra Leone’s June 24 elections.

Sierra Leone elections: Familiar faces vie for voter trust as economy stagnates


Incumbent President Julius Maada Bio will face off against against main contender Samura Kamara on June 24. As the country prepares for this crucial election, voters are looking at issues like economic stagnation, corruption and national security.

Sorie Kondi and DJ Chief Boima of Kondi Band

Kondi Band connects West African thumb piano with US electronica

Vickie Remoe

It’s not just Kesha. Women face demands for transactional sex all over the world.

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Bye Bye Ebola! Eradication spurs rap song in Sierra Leone.

One of many banners around Freetown, Sierra Leone, warning people not to touch one another because of Ebola.

Emerging from the spectre of Ebola

An ambulance transporting an Ebola patient drives to the entrance of a treatment centre outside Freetown, Sierra Leone.

An American aid worker with Ebola receives speedy care, while a Sierra Leonean colleague is ‘left behind’


An African health care professional didn’t get the same care as his American colleague when he contracted Ebola at a Partners in Health-supported treatment facilities in Sierra Leone.

A baby looks out of a box at an outdoor market in Devils Hole, Sierra Leone. A new report suggests Ebola has created 12,000 orphans in the West African country.

Armies of student volunteers are key to Sierra Leone’s fight against Ebola


The resurgence of Ebola in Sierra Leone can be traced to two wooden boats and the fishermen that carried the disease from their decks into Freetown. But the country’s youth — unpaid volunteers — are helping track down the resurgent disease.

Sierra Leone's Ebola epidemic continues to claim lives

Ebola is leaving a new generation of orphans


More than 10,000 children are believed have been orphaned by the Ebola epidemic — and orphanages are struggling to cope with the load.

Edward Turay, Sierra Leone's High Commissioner to Britain, attends the "Defeating Ebola: Sierra Leone" conference in central London on October 2, 2014.

Ebola cases are soaring in Sierra Leone, and the government is coming up short


Despite a major influx of supplies and expertise, new cases of Ebola are spreading faster in Sierra Leone than in neighboring Liberia. While some Sierra Leoneans are pointing the finger at the UK, which once ruled the country, the government’s disorganized response is playing a big role.

Health workers remove the body a woman who died from the Ebola virus in the Aberdeen district of Freetown, Sierra Leone, on October 14, 2014.

One story describes the oppressive Ebola ‘siege’ in Sierra Leone


Ebola has wormed its way into every facet of life in Sierra Leone, from basic greetings to an overworked medical system. The story of Ebola patient Francis Samuka shows how the country is trying, and often failing, to get a grip on the crisis.