The West Virginia State Capitol building in Charleston sits on the Kanawha River, which is fed in part by the Elk River — the main water supply for nearly 300,000 of the state's residents.

Documentary uncovers contaminated truths behind water crisis in West Virginia, other locations


A new documentary shows the issues with the water supply in Charleston, West Virginia, and the surrounding area went far beyond a chemical leak.

Rhonada Collier clears away tree branches in front of an abandoned house in an attempt to make her once thriving working-class neighborhood that is now littered with blight look better in Flint, Michigan.

Want to fight crime? Plant some flowers with your neighbor.


While Flint waits, Nestle pumps Michigan water on the cheap

Water faucet lead?

An investigation has found lead in 2,000 US water systems

Information about filters at a distribution center table

One reason undocumented immigrants didn’t learn about Flint’s lead poisoning sooner: There wasn’t much in Spanish

Studies show that communities of color are especially vulnerable to environmental injustice and environmental racism.

This professor says Flint’s water crisis amounts to environmental racism


Professor Robert Bullard is called the father of environmental justice, and he says low-income communities of color often face environmental crises with lagging help from government agencies.

Flint water protest

The water crisis in Flint is ‘an entirely preventable man-made disaster’


What led to the current crisis in Flint, Michigan? Bad decisions, lies and evenan attempted coverup. The result is a public health crisis of enormous proportion. Will anyone be held accountable?

flint water

The mom and the EPA ‘rogue employee’ who exposed Flint’s water crisis


Miguel Del Toral raised red flags about Flint Michigan’s water in July 2015.

Some Detroit advocates question why feds won’t bailout bankrupt city

Detroit residents and officials are struggling with the Congress’ steadfast refusal to offer the recently bankrupt city any bailout money, especially while most have memories of the 2008 federal bailout of the auto industry including Michigan-based General Motors and Chrysler.

Michigan’s Blue Economy

When people think of Michigan’s economy, they generally think of places like Detroit and Flint, and of the state’s once great automobile manufacturing sites. But  Martina Guzmán  of WDET takes a closer look at the economic benefits of one of the Great Lakes State’s most tried and true resources: water. With over 3,000 miles of shoreline, the […]