A man in a suit and woman wearing a pink dress look at each other on a screen with smaller boxes of peoples' faces above them

Zoom weddings: A blessing in disguise?


With friends and family spread out across the globe, perhaps a Zoom wedding is the only way to really have everyone present — in pandemic times or not.

A woman speaks to a crowd gathered around her.

Statue of Liberty climber says she’s not done protesting ‘white supremacy’


Austin Airport Art

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Janelle Monáe at SXSW

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The New Ladies of Hip-Hop

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A group of panelists address an audience at the State of the Net Conference in January. The panel consists of (from left to right) Jason Kaplan, Hilary Swab Gawrilow, James Cross, Mercina Tillmann-Dick and Justin Herman.

Women look to make their voices heard in new space created by male-dominated blockchain boom


Blockchain has turned from a movement to an overall tech boom — or possibly a revolution. Yet the space containing blockchain pioneers is only made up of five percent women … for now.

Law enforcement personnel investigate the scene where the Texas bombing suspect blew himself up on the side of a highway north of Austin in Round Rock, Texas, March 21, 2018.

Manhunt ends after Texas serial bombing suspect dies in blast


Austin Police Chief Brian Manley told reporters early Wednesday morning that the motive for the bombings was still unclear.

For years, Shanghai has featured some of China's worst air pollution. Recent initiatives by the Chinese government, though, have begun to clean up some of the problem.

With the US pursuing fossil fuels, alternative, renewable forms of energy could be an even bigger boon to China


While the Trump Administration has decided to support the fossil fuel industry, China has decided to go in a much different direction.

Interstate highway 45 is submerged from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Mexican officials ignore Trump’s disparaging tweets and reach out a hand to Texas

Global Politics

Hours after a tweet from President Donald Trump insisting Mexicans pay for a border wall, Mexican officials offered aid to Harvey victims in the United States.

Musician, feminist and rebel Dat Garcia from Buenos Aries

The World’s music features this month: G-Dragon, Dat Garcia, and Brownout


This July we featured a unique selection of music on The World. Here are a few highlights.