Marissa and Hannah Brandt.

How two sisters will make it to South Korea’s Olympics — but for opposing teams


Marissa Brandt will be playing for South Korea’s Olympic ice hockey team. And her sister, Hannah Brandt, will play for Team USA.

Nancy Bailey with some of the Guatemalan kids she helped.

The Californian woman accused of trafficking babies in Guatemala will soon learn her fate

Photo of Nancy Bailey with children from her school

Fairy godmother or child trafficker? An American woman stands trial in Guatemala.

Lucky Boy

The novel ‘Lucky Boy’ and a timely story of immigration and motherhood

Kim Craig has spent the past three years in Korea, hoping to get home to the US.

This woman has been stuck in Korea for three years trying to get home to the US

Two images, one of an infant in black and white and one of a woman

She’ll get US citizenship 60 years after being adopted, but thousands more must still wait


Ella Purkiss will be sworn in as a US citizen next week. Advocates say as many as 15,000 people who were adopted from abroad but never naturalized are waiting for legislation that would give them the chance to get documented too.

Ayesha Albusmait, and her daughter, Reem Abdullah Rashid. Albusmait is one of the small, but growing number of single Emirati woman choosing to adopt.

When you’re a single woman in the Emirates, but you still want a child


It’s no big deal when a single woman chooses to adopt in the US. But in the United Arab Emirates? That’s something new.

Ayesha and Marco D'Souza with their daughter Tenaya

This Mumbai couple waited to adopt a daughter: ‘We just wanted a girl’


When Ayesha and Marco D’Souza started the adoption process, they knew some baby girls in India were not even allowed to be born because of sex selection. And they know that some view girls as a burden. Still, they weren’t choosing a girl out of charity, they say. They just wanted a daughter.

guatemala 169

For adopted Guatemalans, a searcher will look for birth moms. But sometimes the reunions are fraught.


Guatemala shut down international adoptions in 2008. Before that, US families adopted some 30,000 Guatemalan children. Now those kids are growing up, and some want a connection with their birth families. Enter “searchers,” who will try to track down birth families for a fee. But as one adoptive mom found out, that process can be difficult — and it’s as unregulated as international adoption itself once was in Guatemala.

A Haitian child who will be placed for adoption sleeps in his crib at an orphanage outside of Port-au-Prince.

There may be languages lurking in your unconscious mind


The words you hear as an infant can alter your brain in ways that stick with you as an adult, even if you can’t consciously recall the language you heard. Canadian researchers found traces of Chinese in the brain activity of kids who were adopted as infants from China.