Marco Werman: We are The World

The World
A compilation of six photographs of The World staff on various assignments around the globe including in Ghana, Mexico and Antarctica.

Who we are. Clockwise from top left, Reporter Rupa Shenoy in Ghana; Host Marco Werman at Cutis Guild Elementary School, Boston; Senior Producer Carol Hills interviewing Deepak Chopra; Reporter Shirin Jaafari and Social Media Editor Maria Elena Romero at the United Nations, New York; Reporter and Editor Monica Campbell in Tijuana, Mexico; Reporter and Editor Carolyn Beeler in Ryder Bay, Antarctica.

Friends of The World,

From the beginning of the show in 1995, the core mission of our reporting at The World has been to bring you stories grounded in human-centered journalism from perspectives all around the globe. 

You may be familiar with my voice on The World every day, but behind the scenes, there are incredible people who are essential in bringing our production to life. They are the reporters, producers and editors working around the clock, and as we speak, to cover the stories you depend on. 

As world leaders wring their hands over how to tackle the climate crisis, each week The World brings you stories of individuals and groups finding climate solutions. And while other news outlets are now trying to explain why so many Latino voters turned out for US President Donald Trump, we were telling the stories of this diverse voting bloc all year long — digging deeper to understand the motivations, hopes and unique experiences of young Latino voters casting presidential ballots for the first time.

We can cover these stories with depth and humanity, but only thanks to the generous support of listeners. I hope that, in this most critical time, you will consider a gift to The World.

Five staff members from The World are shown walking on the sidewalk next to a colorful parking garage and the GBH headquarters building, west.

Several staff from The World's team take a break outside of GBH amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Andrea Crossan/The World

Supporters from all around the world have let us know how much they appreciate the stories we cover and the incredible team that makes it possible:

“Thank you for your admirable quality reporting!”

“Marco Werman and team are some of the best broadcast journalists we have.” 

“Thanks for your credible journalism, and for knowing that 'The World' extends beyond the borders of the USA.”

Who we are matters because we bring our full selves to this job. The World newsroom gets to the bottom of every story, takes risks, and highlights the communities most impacted by the headlines.

I ask you to take a moment in your busy day to meet us, to see who we are. 

Find us at

And while you’re there, please consider supporting the work we do.

— Marco Werman