The Penny Arcade Report goes live


Penny Arcade, the father of nerd webcomics, has launched the Penny Arcade Report, the website's first foray into gaming journalism. 

Any hardcore gamer reads the Penny Arcade webcomic religiously. Now the famous Gabe and Tycho have commisioned a gaming news blog, attempting to fix gaming journalism, a field they've determined to be "broken". The blog hopes to focus on gaming culture in the long form rather than breaking the big stories. 

"Penny Arcade has never been about breaking news, and this is no time to start. Our focus will be on longer form journalism with in-depth research, interviews and data, highlighting aspects of the gaming lifestyle that many would miss at first glance," read the blog. 

The blog's opening feature includes an interview with Gabe Newell, co-founder and managing director of Valve. He is also the most beloved figure in the history of game development. Ever. 

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