Finger-biting baby and his brother are YouTube’s biggest success story


There's just something about infants biting toddlers. 

Since it was posted in 2007, "Charlie Bit My Finger," a YouTube video featuring a tiny Charlie Davies-Carr biting his older brother, Harry, has been viewed 417.6 million times, making it the most successful non-commercial video in YouTube history, the New York Times reported

Howard Davies-Carr, a 43-year-old information technology consultant and the father of Charlie, now 5, and Harry, 7, originally uploaded the video to keep a family friend in Colorado in the loop about the kids. The video went viral when it was picked up by a college humor site, the Times reported.

The boys' father said that his family gets recognized around their hometown near Maidenhead, England. The video of the two British brothers has even been referenced on Tina Fey's hit show "30 Rock," the Times reported. 

The family has also seen financial success from their YouTube fame: the video has brought in more than $158,000, enough to pay for the boys’ education, according to the Times.  

“Videos are videos. They’re either popular or they’re not,” Davies-Carr told the Times, in an attempt to explain his sons' appeal. 

Davies-Carr is a YouTube "partner," which means that the family gets a share of the advertising revenue generated by the site. The boys also make the odd commercial, and the family has a “Charlie” app that is in the works for iPhone and Android devices, according to the Times.

Though the family continues to post new videos, some of which get millions of views, none have been as successful as “Charlie Bit My Finger.” But Davies-Carr isn't worried about losing their fan base. 

“I wouldn’t be upset if people stopped watching,” he told the Times. “People bring their own view and make assumptions based on no knowledge of us, but we’ve gone beyond the point where we can be angry at what they say. It’s a little like criticizing the queen for being the queen. We’re just happy that our video has had the biggest success in the world.”

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