Astronaut Satoshi Furukawa builds Lego model of the International Space Station while on the actual ISS (VIDEO)

How’s this for meta? Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa recently built a two-foot Lego model of the International Space Station while aboard the actual International Space Station.

It took him two hours, Wired Magazine reported.

According to Wired:

While it’s pretty simple to assemble Lego here on Earth where we have gravity, it’s an otherworldly experience in the microgravity environment of space. In order to stop the individual Lego bricks from flying into consoles or wedging themselves into things like the thrust control levers, Furukawa built the entire thing inside of a sealed glovebox containment enclosure.

"The ISS was put together in space, piece by piece," Furukawa told "It's very similar to how you put together Lego bricks on Earth."

Furukawa also assembled Lego models of lunar exploration and Mars Rovers and the Hubble Space Telescope, PC World reported.

The Lego session was part of an educational project designed by the Lego Group and NASA, and after building the station, Furukawa used it in a few videos to educate kids about living and working in space, PC World reported. "Kids like Lego and when they see Lego floating in space, I'm sure they are excited," Furukawa told "I hope this experience inspires them to make greater efforts to study science and technology."

Furukawa’s model didn’t last long, however. Due to the potential flammability of the toy bricks, they could only be exposed to the open cabin air for two hours, and Mission Control told Furukawa to take the model apart after he recorded his educational videos, reported.

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