Mexican officials ignore Trump’s disparaging tweets and reach out a hand to Texas

The World
Interstate highway 45 is submerged from the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

As Tropical Storm Harvey barreled through Texas Sunday, President Donald Trump took to social media.

He tweeted:

Mexico’s response? To reach out and offer its "full solidarity" with those in Texas affected by Harvey. "As good neighbors do in trying times," the Mexican foreign ministry said.

Carlos González Gutiérrez, Mexico's consul general based in Austin, Texas, says his country pledged to help. 

"We stand by Texas," González Gutiérrez says. "We are friends, we are neighbors, and we will continue to be and I'm sure that they know that we are with them and that they expect our solidarity and we are happy to give a hand in these dire straits."

Hear more about Mexico-US relations in the wake of Harvey on The World, above.

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