Their lives are changing because of Trump’s immigration policies. Here’s how.

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There are some 320 million people in the US. 43 million of them were born abroad. More than 20 million immigrants are US citizens. About 11 millionpeople are undocumented and more than 5.1 million children have one or more undocumented parents. 860,000 people have applied for temporary legal status because they were brought to the US without proper documentation as children. More than 500,000 people are waiting for their cases to be heard in immigration courts. Some 270,000 people in the US came as refugees. On any given day, about 40,000 people are in immigration detention.

The numbers can be daunting, but they represent individual people in the US. We're following some of their stories.

One was brought to the US without proper documents as a child. Another who struggled with his family as a new immigrant changed how we spend our time on the internet. Some of them campaign for immigrant rights. Some get involved in politics. One person won a Nobel Prize. And some are part of mixed-status families, and are making tough decisions about what to do next.

Follow their stories with us in a new series: "In Trump's America."

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