Angilee Shah

Angilee Shah is a journalist who covers international news and diverse communities across the US.

I'm formerly a senior editor for Global Nation, PRI's The World's coverage of immigration in the US. I started at PRI as the social media manager, helping integrate engagement into our editorial process. I've spent most of my career writing long pieces (for magazines) and short posts (on Twitter) about politics and culture. I've reported from across Asia, including China, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and on diverse cultures across the US, from Southern California to Minneapolis, where I am currently based.In the world of longer reads, I am the co-editor of Chinese Characters (UC Press, 2012) and seven years as a consulting editor to the Journal of Asian Studies.

Family or four, two girls, man and woman sit together on boardwalk at sunset

‘I lost trust in the system,’ says US citizen now unable to reunite with his Yemeni family


Abdo Elfgeeh held on to hope that they would reunite though war split them apart. The Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday changed his mind.

Newly arriving Jewish refugee from the Nazi Holocaust wave from the ship "S.S. Awarea" as it pulls into Haifa port on April 6, 1948.

Deporting asylum-seekers without giving them a chance to make their case would violate US and international laws

Sign in front of center

Why the Trump administration is asking the courts to remove safeguards for detaining migrant children

A mother is seen holding her child.

Trump’s new order on families at the border raises even more questions about what happens next for child migrants

A woman dresses a girl at a shelter, surrounded by luggage and clothes

Immigration judges say Sessions’ decision makes it harder for people facing ‘life and death’ to win asylum in US

Man at podium with Department of Justice insignia behind him

President Obama created DACA. Why won’t courts let President Trump end it?

A federal court ruling gives the government 90 days to explain why it changed the immigration policy — or to begin accepting new DACA applicants.

School project of child's hand prints with poem, "When I'm grown and far away, these little hands with you will stay"

As Trump ends Obama-era protections for Salvadorans, a family in Minnesota has few good options to stay together


Since 2014, some Central American youth were given temporary permission to join their parents in the US. The government acknowledged the danger they were in. But now, the Trump administration has canceled the programs that brought them. Meet one family, who waited 15 years to reunite, but whose time is almost up.

Two men shaking hands in front of flags

Guatemala joins the US in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, while Pope Francis calls for a negotiated solution

Global Politics

Guatemala is one of nine countries that voted against a resolution in the United Nations to condemn the US policy change; 128 countries disagree with the action.

screenshots of two advertisements of Facebook posts by John Curtis

Utah congressional candidate says Facebook ad to ‘build the wall’ was made in error

Global Politics

The campaign for John Curtis says the mistake is a chance for dialogue. But one DACA recipient isn’t so sure.

Man holding up ID card for medical school

DACA recipients won’t go back into the shadows quietly


Julio Ramos just started medical school, but unless Congress passes laws to protect undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children, it’s unclear if he can finish his training. Or pay back the student loans he’s already taken out.