In Trump's America

A closeup photo of a blonde woman wearing a blue shirt beside her husband, whose face has been blurred for privacy.

Americans’ immigration emergency: Their spouses could be deported or exiled if they seek green cards

Under a 1996 law, US citizens who try to sponsor their undocumented spouses would require the spouses to endure a minimum 10-year exile from the United States. With kids in tow, US citizens are visiting Congress to plead for help.

A slatted metal prototypes of a border wall is shown, photographed through the border wall in Tijuana, Mexico.

Trump signed an order for the wall 2 years ago. The US just ended the longest shutdown ever over it.

People sit on the steps outside Los Angeles immigration court, which has been closed since Dec. 22 due to a partial government shutdown over funding for a southern border wall.

This busy LA immigration court is now a ‘ghost town’ in wake of government shutdown

A headshot of Bay Area teen Crista Ramos, who is suing the federal government. She wears a red shirt, has long dark hair, and looks directly into the camera.

California teen leads lawsuit to keep hundreds of thousands of immigrants in US

Supporters of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) hold signs during the Women's March rally in Las Vegas, Jan. 21, 2018.

How higher ed will be a battleground for immigration debates in 2019

People sit on a fence with a blue sky behind them.

10 pivotal moments for US immigration in 2018

It’s been a big year, to say the least, for immigrants and immigration policy in the United States. Here are 10 moments that stand out.

A migrant from Honduras stands in front of the border wall with the sun shining behind him

After two boys’ murders, migrants and advocates fear new ‘remain in Mexico’ policy


The killings of two Honduran teenagers this week are a sobering reminder of the dangers asylum-seekers may face while waiting in violent Mexican border regions as the Trump administration rolls out a new plan to keep migrants in Mexico until their asylum claims are decided.

Workers construct border wall.

Trump’s demand for border wall raises threat of government shutdown


Trump has demanded $5 billion to put toward building a wall on the US border with Mexico that he argues is needed to keep out unauthorized immigrants and drugs, a downpayment on a massive project which Democrats have rejected as ineffective and wasteful.

Men and women sit along a bridge

Judge rejects Trump limits on asylum for domestic abuse victims


A federal judge ruled against Trump administration policies that said asylum-seekers could not base claims on domestic and gang violence.

A man holds a phone with a picture of his granddaughter.

US officials reject blame for migrant girl’s death. Advocates point to Trump’s asylum policies.


US officials say a 7-year-old’s death is an example of risks migrants take when crossing the US border. But the girl died in US custody.