26 things found in Yanukovych's compound that made him look even worse

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Ukraine. Remember when it all began?

A year ago, after months of anti-government protests, President Viktor Yanukovych fled his Kyiv residence and was finally impeached. Since then, a ceasefire has managed to tamp down combat along some parts of the frontline, though both sides accuse the other of regular breaches.

Something else worth remembering: what Yanukovych left behind.

Protesters had their run of the presidential compound after Yanukovych fled, and here is a list of what they found:

Yanukovych. Keepin' it classy with curative beehives and decorative wood.

1) It doesn't not look like Monaco

2) You know what they say about a guy with a golf course

3) He probably has a vintage car collection

4) And a huge friggin' boat

5) That has lots of little baby boats

6) And still room for other fancy stuff in the garage

7) Fake ruins really tie a place together

8) But not like a personal boxing ring does

9) Or your very own church

10) And a very personal bar selection

11) Yanukovych maintained connection to the people through karaoke

12) But there are lots of other channels if you're not into that

13) Mac user!

14) Did you know he had a private zoo?

15) Hey, there are gnus at this zoo!

16) Ostriches too!

17) The pigs, for one, miss Yanukovych

18) Curative beehives?

19) Gilded bathroom

20) The sauna didn't always come with cameramen

21) Not just bath attendants, but hats for the bath attendants to wear

22) Lest you think it's all frivolity, there are mountains of files on opposition journos

23) And a receipt for a handover of $12 million. In cash!

24) Also records of $3.8 million worth of wood decorations

25) Here is what some of the wooden decorations look like

26) Let them eat golden bread!

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