Emily Lodish

Indonesia’s flip-flop protest


Indonesians flood police stations with used flip-flops as a form of protest.

North Korea calls South Korea’s President Lee Myung Bak “chieftain of evils”


Vietnam embraces Baskin-Robbins

Hong Kong dogs do yoga (VIDEO)

Anti-Jon Huntsman ad paints him as “Manchurian candidate”


Taiwan elections: astrologer says incumbent President Ma Ying-jeou likely to win


Famous psychic say’s it’s Ma’s race. So long as he’s nice to his wife.

India to build world’s second tallest skyscraper


But is it a prelude to disaster?

Burma goes to great lengths to shake sanctions


The cease-fire with the Karen rebels is the latest in Burma’s push to be rid of economic sanctions.

Taiwan: Asia’s model democracy?


Elections were largely free and fair, according to reports. A true test of what the country wants.

Kim Jong Nam disses new North Korea


In a new book, Kim Jong Il’s eldest son says the new regime is bound for disaster.