Romney style: Mitt 'goes Gangnam' at Mormon convention (VIDEO)


Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney did his best "Gangnam Style" over the weekend at a Mormon convention for singles in Arizona.

And the results are just bad.

Romney was pulled onstage at Arizona State University by Mormon recording artist Alex Boye as he demonstrated the steps popularized by South Korean pop sensation Psy.

The 66-year-old former Massachusetts governor pulls off what looks like a cross between "Gangnam Style" and a weird Irish jig, but the crowd didn't seem to mind, roaring in approval as he hopped awkwardly across the stage in a suit.

Here's a closeup of the performance:

Romney and his wife, Ann, were featured speakers at the three-day conference in Phoenix.

No word on whether Ann got in on the Gangnam fun.

In a weird twist, here's College Humor poking fun at the former presidential candidate during the 2012 campaign with "Mitt Romney Style:"

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