Sarah Wolfe

Breaking News writer in St. Paul


3 skiers killed in avalanche in Washington state

Authorities say a fourth skier caught up in Cascade Mountains slide was saved by wearing an avalanche safety device that created a pocket of air.

ESPN writer fired over Jeremy Lin headline apologizes for ‘honest mistake’


Obama, Netanyahu to meet at White House on March 5

California man admits to cooking, eating cats


Starbucks opens first ski-through coffee shop in California


Dow breaks 13,000 for first time since 2008, then retreats

The milestone came about two hours into trading Tuesday following news of Europe’s Greece bailout deal.

Lawmaker says Girl Scouts are destroying ‘American family values’

Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris says he can’t support the organization’s 100th anniversary because it is a ‘radicalized organization’ that promotes ‘homosexual lifestyles.’

5 dead in murder-suicide at Georgia health spa

Surveillance video showed the gunman walking into the Su Jung Health Sauna on Tuesday night and getting into an argument with someone, then opening fire, police said.

Dead dog offered credit card


Capital One urges ‘Spark Sloan,’ who’s been dead for 10 years, in a letter to apply for a special credit card offer.

Indiana lawmaker stands by slam on Girl Scouts

Republican Bob Morris is sticking by his allegations that the Girl Scouts is a radical organization that promotes abortions and homosexuality.