A Voice from the Border on Immigration Reform

The Takeaway

Republicans are pushing for stronger border security measures, threatening to derail immigration reforms if their demands are not met.
But within the party itself, there is infighting between Republican members of the gang of eight, the chief among them Florida Senator Marco Rubio on the one hand, and Ted Cruz, Senator of Texas, and other Republican hardliners on the other.
Right now, supportive parties in the Senate are searching for a border security compromise in its quest for the votes needed to pass the immigration bill.
Todd Zwillich, Takeaway Washington Correspondent, provides us with an update on immigration legislation.
Though it might be tough to pass an immigration bill, one Republican–a former Texas state legislator–sees the border a little differently.
Aaron Pena was the representative for Texas State District 40, located right on the border with Mexico. He says Republicans on Capitol Hill aren’t responding to the realities on the ground where he and his constituents live.
He joins us today to give us a closer look at how these issues are playing out along the border.
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