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Shown in the Spanish language are "He Votado Hoy" stickers or "I voted today" at a polling place in Philadelphia.

Texas candidates battle for Hispanic vote in US midterm elections


In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and Democrat Beto O’Rourke have spent more than $9 million combined in purchasing Spanish-language media advertisements to appeal to voters.

Vote sign in a window with masked man looking at it in reflection

US could stand to dial down democracy, says economist

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Stacey Abrams 2020 election

Georgia’s green voters helped deliver the Senate to the Democrats

US President Donald Trump faces a black and white striped wall.

US House forges ahead with Trump impeachment; Ireland’s COVID-19 rates skyrocket; Italian ‘Nndrangheta mobsters on trial

A person wearing a finger sack points at an "I Voted" sticker after casting ballot for the upcoming presidential election as early voting begins in Houston, Texas, Oct. 13, 2020. 

Environmental groups work to mobilize Black and Latinx voters

Smoke in front of the White House as riot police stand with a protester in the foreground.

Former CIA analyst sees parallels between Trump protest response and social unrest abroad


What’s happening on US streets right now looks familiar to veterans of the US intelligence community who’ve monitored foreign government responses to social unrest.

Adela Diaz, who will be a first-time voter in 2020, poses on her campus at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

The top issue for one Arizona first-time voter? Health care.

As the 2020 presidential campaign unfolds, Adela Diaz is keeping her eye on one main issue: health care. The public health major at the University of Arizona will soon be a first-time voter. And this year, Latino voters like Diaz are projected to be the biggest minority voting bloc in the country.

President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jackie, are seated with Lady Bird and Vice President Lyndon Johnson at League of Latin American Citizen's (LULAC) dinner in Houston, Nov. 21, 1963.

US presidential candidates sought the Latino vote long before 2020

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In his 1960 bid for the White House, John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign wooed Latinos, who were largely ignored by other candidates. He was early in recognizing Latino voters as a growing force in American politics.

The Spanish-language advertisement from the Census Bureau features Latinos of all walks of life explaining why an accurate census count matters for them and their communities. 

Census 2020 ads don’t do enough to dispel immigrant fears, advocates say


Census Bureau ads promise viewers their personal information is protected and won’t be shared with law enforcement. But after a high-profile legal battle over the citizenship question that stoked fears among immigrant communities, advocates say it’s too little, too late.

A massive crowd of mourners gathers on the streets of Tehran, Iran.

Killing Soleimani was a ‘hasty’ decision, says former defense undersecretary


In the wake of the airstrike that killed Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani, host Marco Werman speaks with the former undersecretary of defense for policy, Michèle Flournoy, on President Donald Trump’s decision-making and the military decision-making process.