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Democratic US presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks at an outdoor "Black Economic Summit" while campaigning for president in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sept. 23, 2020.

‘Much more diverse than people think’: Black immigrants are reshaping the Black electorate

An increasing share of the US Black population is foreign-born — and they tend to lean more conservative. 

Dallas County voter Maria Cruz, left, along with her daughters Catalina and Susana Cruz, voted in Tuesday's primary runoff in Texas.

Trump, Biden boost efforts to reach Texas Latino voters

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4 photos in black and white over a blue background serve to announce an event.

Discussion: The Latino conservative vote in the 2020 election

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Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton shake hands on stage in front of a crowd.

America’s polarized politics may be here to stay

A voter carries a 'blue wave' poster at a rally

The US midterms ‘blue wave’ has mixed results for the environment

Two women stand at podium, sign reads, "Wisconsin Proud"

After an ugly campaign for immigrants, some midterm wins spark a glimmer of hope


For those who want to change how immigration works in the US, the midterm elections were a call to action.

A rainbow stretches across the sky above the US Capitol dome

Midterm elections bring big wins for women, Democrats, but splits Congress

It’s the day after the US midterm elections. A record number of women were elected while Democrats regained the House and Republicans added to their control of the Senate. We break down what happened and why.

Ilhan Omar

Democrats look set for a big win in the House, but losses in the Senate

The candidates in the 2018 midterm elections were among the most diverse groups of candidates in American history. Here are the results of some races we’ve been watching.

A bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey in a store in Beijing. China imposed 25 percent tariffs on US whiskeys back in July in response to President Trump’s tariffs.

Tariffs are hurting Tennessee, but voters seem to be shrugging them off

The Tennessee Senate race is one of the most closely watched in the country. Farmers, whiskey distillers and small businesses are feeling the sting from President Donald Trump’s tariffs. But is it enough to turn deep red Tennessee blue?

Woman holding up anti-Trump sign to to other women

What it looks like to become a US citizen in a contentious election year

Election 2016

There’s a long backlog of people who want to become citizens in order to vote in the November election. And the battle is on to get them registered by deadlines that are quickly approaching.