‘New’ House in England to be Made Entirely from Waste Materials

The first clue for Monday’s Geo Quiz is just a lot of garbage.

We’re looking for a British city where a cool recycling project is about to get underway. A team of architects and recycling experts is planning to build a house – entirely out of trash.

And they’re doing it to make a point about all the perfectly reusable stuff we normally throw out. Construction waste, old video cassettes and even old toothbrushes are being collected to build this house of trash.

The building site is in a city on the south coast of England in the county of East Sussex.

The city’s seafront bars and restaurants – not to mention nudist beaches – are all just an hour’s train ride away from London.

Name that coastal city.

Next week, a construction crew at the University of Brighton in England will begin work on a house that will contain virtually nothing new at all.

It’s being made almost entirely out of waste material – garbage from homes, and discarded items from other building sites. It’s located in the city of Brighton which is also the answer to our Geo Quiz for Monday.

The project is meant to show that using trash as building material is good for the environment and can reduce the cost of construction.

Ari Daniel Shapiro of our partner program NOVA got a preview of what’s planned. He produced this audio postcard from the future site of the Brighton Waste House.

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