Mogadishu Approaches a ‘Tipping Point’

Despite the ongoing violence in the Somali capital, New York Times correspondent Jeffrey Gettleman says on his most visit to Mogadishu he found a vibrant, hopeful city. Gettleman tells host Marco Werman that new investors like Turkey have pumped millions into the capital city, and Somali entrepreneurs have a greater stake in maintaining stability.

“Buildings are going up, people are fixing up homes, the roads are being fixed and cleaned up, there are street lights,” says Gettleman. “So you get the sense that people are trying to reclaim this city from the rubble.”

Gettleman says he doesn’t think recent al-Shabab bombings will derail the momentum for change because Mogadishu has arrived at a “tipping point”. He offers snapshots of a city returning to life.

“There’s a big beach now that’s open on Fridays. And there are thousands of people swimming in the water, playing soccer on the sand, selling Popsicles and things like that. It’s really remarkable.”

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