Jeffrey Gettleman

A Somali soldier patrols a street following a suicide car bomb and gun attack.

The death of a Navy SEAL reveals US mission creep in Somalia


A longtime Africa correspondent looks behind the headlines in Somalia and talks about his new memoir.

A woman holding a rose prays during a Nairobi memorial vigil following an attack by gunmen at Kenya's Garissa University College.

Targeting the militants of al-Shabab with airstrikes is easier said than done

Edward Turay, Sierra Leone's High Commissioner to Britain, attends the "Defeating Ebola: Sierra Leone" conference in central London on October 2, 2014.

Ebola cases are soaring in Sierra Leone, and the government is coming up short


U.S. steps up clandestine operations in Somalia

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In Kenya, Violent Elephant Poaching Increases at an Alarming Rate

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Amphibious Assault on Somali Port

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Kenyan forces say they’ve captured the Somali port city of Kismayo and effectively routed the Islamist militant group al-Shabab from its stronghold there.

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Ivory Poachers in Central Africa are Hunting Elephants with Heavy Artillery

Conflict & Justice

Jeffrey Gettleman, East Africa Bureau Chief for The New York Times, wrote that the poaching of elephants for the illegal ivory trade has gotten out of control in Central Africa, and has become increasingly militarized.

Mogadishu Approaches a ‘Tipping Point’

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New York Times correspondent Jeffrey Gettleman tells host Marco Werman that new investors like Turkey have pumped millions into the capital city, and Somali entrepreneurs have a greater stake in maintaining stability.

Navy SEAL Team Frees Hostages In Somalia

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An American and a Danish aid worker kidnapped in Somalia three months ago have been freed in a rare US military raid.

A Reporter on Covering Famine in Somalia

Sometimes, it is a reporter’s personal connection to a place or a person that makes the story a reality to those reading it, though they may be far disconnected from the events on the ground. That is certainly the sense one gets from reading Jeffrey Gettleman’s latest piece on the devastating famine that has ravaged […]