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Studio 360 – Episode 848 – Fakes and Saltbreakers – Laura Veirs and Saltbreakers

Brainy, whimsical Laura Veirs sings about meteors, birds and bugs, the occasional mermaid — but also storms and natural destruction. Kurt talks with Veirs and she performs with her band, Saltbreakers, live in the studio.

Lessons from Bosnia for Ending Syria’s Civil War

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Roundtable: The March on Washington & The Future of the Civil Rights Movement

Author says NSA security leaks more reminiscent of ‘Space Odyssey’ than ‘1984’

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HBO’s ‘Girls’ shows the real side of sex and New York City

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New poll says Tea Party voters willing to back eventual GOP nominee

Global Politics

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports is standing conventional wisdom on its head. According to the poll, Tea Party aligned voters will support whomever the Republicans nominate, while establishment voters say if they don’t get a candidate they like, they won’t vote.

Family of FBI agent missing in Iran releases video from his captors

Robert Levinson went missin in Iran in 2007 and as his family approaches the five-year anniversary of his abduction, they’re releasing a video they received last year that they hope will help bring him home.

Chinese writer succeeds with English novel

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Yiyun Li didn’t speak English until her early 20s when she moved to the United States; now she’s an acclaimed writer but only writes in English.

Financial worries on the brain

Neuroeconomics, the study of fear-driven impairment on the brain’s ability to function affects how we deal with financial troubles.

Global Activism Movement

Author Paul Hawken talks about the quantity and variety of people and organizations involved in the global activism movement.