Muslims pray in a mosque during celebrations of Eid al-Fitr holiday, a feast celebrated by Muslims worldwide, in Grozny, Russia, on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

The world celebrates Eid — including some of The World’s listeners


We asked The World’s listeners to share what Eid al-Fitr means to them and their families. Here’s what they told us.


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Arts, Culture & Media
Two men sit on sofa with large books in laps, pointing at texts and talking

How hate and debate came to a Connecticut mosque

A woman wearing a headwrap and as shimmering blue and gold dress stands in front of a camera, with her hands to her hips.

Fashion, faith and culture come together through the global art of head wrapping


Head wrapping goes beyond style for one Detroit anthropologist. It’s also a way to bridge cultures.

A woman gets her pulse checked at Jericho Road Community Health Center, a health center that focuses on culturally sensitive health care for refugees.

Some refugees suffer culture shock — with their health care


For some women from conservative Muslim families, US health care practices can clash with what they are used to.

Man in blue polo stands on street corner looking up, with sign for "Crunch" gym behind him

A ‘man of no land’ tries to find home in Saudi Arabia

Global Politics

Salih Abdullah was tired of racism and Islamophobia. So like many other African American Muslims, he gave the kingdom a chance.

Muslim men gathered in a basement transformed into a a prayer room in the neighborhood of Agios Nikolaos, in Athens

Athens doesn’t have a single mosque, so Muslims worship in makeshift prayer rooms


Athens is one of the few world capitals without an official mosque. Greece is finally building one. But until then, the city’s thousands of Muslims will continue praying in rented out garages, basements and apartments.

Sarah Zouak is one of the co-founders of Lallab, a new webzine featuring the voices of Muslim women in France.

One group aims to give Muslim women in France a voice


“In France, we talk constantly about Muslims, especially Muslim women, but you never get to hear us.” That’s why some French Muslim women started the online magazine, Lallab.