Another Life: The Music of Britain’s “Bob Dylan” James Maddock

The World

The template for Greenwich Village was moulded in the late 50s and early 60s by the original counterculture.

And if they had a spiritual leader, it had to be Bob Dylan.

Beatnik, folkie, unconventional.

Lyricist who captured the mood of a generation.

In the same way you find Greenwich Villages around the world, it seems many countries have their own Bob Dylan.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at the list below of artists we’ve featured on the program in the past few years — We’ve had the Bob Dylan of Indonesia, the Bob Dylan of Iran, of Cuba, of Sweden and so on.

James Maddock from Leicester, England is another musician who fits the ‘Dylan’ label.

He so identifies with Dylan AND New York that he crossed the pond ten years ago, and is now ensconsed in the Village folk scene; the EAST Village that is.

Some things do change.

In fact guitarist Larry Campbell, who once played in Bob Dylan’s backing band, appears on James Maddock’s new album – Another Life.

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