Bob Dylan

A man wearing a hat plays a guitar

US immigration politics make their mark on Grammy-nominated J.S. Ondara


The World’s host Marco Werman interviews Grammy-nominated musician J.S. Ondara.

Kenyan musician J.S. Ondara backstage before a recent show in Boston

This Kenyan musician followed his love for Dylan to a new life and career

Global Hit
A statue of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas outside the Dylan Thomas Theatre in Swansea, Wales.

A Christmas classic by Dylan Thomas is set to music

Mad Decent's Christmas album

When you get tired of Frosty, give these alternative holiday songs a listen

The World

Italian-owned Chrysler reminds Americans that they’re still an American icon

Caught in a bad romance?

Global Scan

Poor Ukraine is caught between two lovers as its president searches for a happy end to this love triangle. Amazon’s cute little PrimeAir drone, delivering packages like a stork delivers babies, has about the same level of reality. And we explore the many faces of yoga, in today’s edition of the Global Scan.

Weird Al more popular than ever, branching out into children’s books

Arts, Culture & Media

Weird Al wanted to be in a band, but his accordion turned off his teenage friends. So, instead, he became a musician of a different sort, parodying hits by other artists. In 30 years, he’s only become more popular. And now he’s taking his skill and applying it to writing children’s books.

50 years after death, civil rights icon Medgar Evers recalled in music he inspired

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Medgar Evers, a NAACP field secretary and civil rights activist, was shot in the back at his home in 1963. The murder is considered a turning point in the Civil Rghts movement, in part thanks to the artists who used his name as a rallying cry. Fifty years later, we remember Evers through the music he inspired.

Looking back on Bruce Springsteen’s rise to superstardom

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Released in August 1975, “Born to Run” proved to be a career defining song and album for Bruce Springsteen. As Springsteen prepares for another international tour, it’s hard to imagine where his career started.

Interpreting music into American Sign Language

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An American Sign Language interpreter explains the artistry that goes into translating songs like Aerosmith’s “Dream On” into sign language.