Zimbabwe’s foreign investors face dilemma

The World

The mining sector is big business in Zimbabwe and the mines generate large revenues for Mugabe. This Human Rights Watch official says oil, gas and mining revenue often provide large cash flows for human rights-offending governments, and it allows them to ignore their own populations. But it’s not easy to cut off that revenue because of the economic and political interests at stake, he says. The British company Anglo American which is developing a large platinum mine in Zimbabwe has come under heat recently, and their president recently defended their actions. He says his company is concerned with their 600 or so employees in Zimbabwe, and their livelihoods would be jeopardized if they withdrew from the country. this risk analyst says companies investing in Zimbabwe face a difficult moral dilemma. She says it’s not easy doing business in Zimbabwe today because of the failing economy and infrastructure. If the crisis deepens, sanctions on business may become on the table.

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