Tibet and the Taiwanese president election

The World

At one rally were native Tibetans, decrying violence against their people in their land, and in the crowd were supporters of such sentiments. The rally also included a black and white video. This woman says China’s treatment of Tibet brought her out tonight, and worries that China could do the same to Taiwan. She believes the action is also a message to Taiwan. That was the message of this rally, to another place which sees itself as independent but China claims it as its own. that resonated with the thousands who came out, but most were supporters of the party which favors independence from China. its presidential candidate took the stage and expressed his solidarity with Tibet. As an attribute to Tibet’s culture, he played a traditional Tibetan song on a flute. This has all put the opposition candidate on the defensive. That candidate has had to repeatedly be on the defensive about his views towards China since the Tibet situation started. The last poll before the Tibet crackdown started did show the China-friendly candidate ahead because his party is seen as better able to help the economy. But Tibet’s plight has since colored the debate.

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